On the hunt for a interim project I came across a litte rarity in an old friends shed. He had an old Len Mount Rotorway exec fuselage sitting under his workshop bench, basically how I put it in his hands 6 years ago.

After a quick negotiation and a win-win deal for both of us, I took her home to my workshop.


As with most build sitting that long I took her completely apart and removed all glue joints and gave her a good wash.

Unfortunately the windows are in pretty bad shape and badly scratched, so I have to find a replacement later.

Next step was to figure out which mechanic to use as these are my parameters:

  • 1.7 m rotor diameter
  • less than 10 kg
  • electric drive
  • 12s Lipo Batterys
  • Full cockpit
  • reuse existing Vario Benzin mechanics

The later drove most of the decision what to do next.

I had to shorten the mechanics significantly and move the servo tray from the front to the back.

so I modified the mechanics to retail the full strength by keeping the shortest possible buildup.


That's what's left of the mechanics.

Next step, where to place the batteries? the only feasible place was under the cockpit.


So I build a platform where the batteries are sitting on, which can be removed to the bottom, so the cockpit in top can stay.


Flooring in, now the cockpit console


The paper print is only a template and will be replaced later.


then the interior lining, so we don't see the rough inner surface. I used leather, with a soft foam backing.


An he will be flying the Exec. Got that one from a friend in Germany

Axels Scale Piloten


Test sitting...all Ok

For paint schema I used a original I found on the internet, which was not too difficult, but well visible. The markings will be done on my decal printer, which also can print white and metallic colours.


So next comes the cockpit dash. Good old school scratch build.


And some paint and phot print later.


Which leads to the finished model.


I hope you enjoyed the little show.








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