Functional requirements:


  • Visual images every 20 minutes from up and down the runway

  • Environmental data collected every 10 minutes

    • Wind speed

    • Wind direction

    • Rain data

    • Luminosity

    • Humidity

    • Temperature

  • Additional sensor data (optional)

    • electric fence status

    • Gate status

    • Tarmac temperature

  • Website for Members only providing current data (no history is kept)

  • Mast mounting on top of roof




Non Functional requirements


  • Data to be send via 4G network to server

  • System is self rebooting after power outage

  • Minimal maintenance requirements

  • Weather station and electronic box is robust for Whangarei weather




Out of Scope:


  • Solar powered station






  • The system will be powered by 12V connected to mains plug

  • Constant power at Piggery

  • 4G network coverage at Piggery (confirmed)






After some research an Arduino based controller was selected. For flexibility, an enhanced version of the Arduino MEGA 2560 was selected together with a CC3000 Wifi Shield for wireless connection.









Following further components have been selected:





The data and images will be captured by the Arduino through the respective sensors. The image data will be stored onto the SD card on the Wifi shield. After successfully storing the images, they will be uploaded onto the webpage storage. The existing files will be constantly overwritten, no history is kept.


The sensor data will be directly send to the server database.


The website will refresh automatically with the latest images and sensor data to be displayed







  • Arduino MEGA 2560

  • CC3000 Wifi Shield

  • WeatherPiArduino

  • Weather Rack

  • Sparkfun TSL2561 Luminosity sensor

  • ADAFruit HTU21D-F Humidity / Temp sensor

  • 2x Arducam mini 5MP





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