We pride ourselves being a divers club from precision flyers via expert 3d helicopter pilots to detail loving scale builders. We all have in common the love for aero modelling and flying.

During the years we have collected a number of divers projects. Please feel free to chime in and show off your projects.

Article List

  • Skills at work

    Rod and Martin have been putting their skill and touch to work as you can see below:     Rod is building a ¼ scale Piper PA12 Supercruiser with a rather unique OS Pegasus 52cc 4 cyl horizontally opposed flat 4 engine. The frame covering will be heat shrunk cover all and paint.   Martin also is a good way through a ¼ scale Decathalon of Built-up Balsa construction with Monocoat heat shrunk skin and OS 160 power plant.   I for one am definitely looking forward to seeing these in the air, and will be a great addition to…

  • See the Club from above

    Hi All, long time no content, so I thought I throw that one in. I strapped a cam onto Lloyds Jet so we can all see the club from above, as the frinds from the glider club would see. Enjoy!

  • Project Rotorway

    On the hunt for a interim project I came across a litte rarity in an old friends shed. He had an old Len Mount Rotorway exec fuselage sitting under his workshop bench, basically how I put it in his hands 6 years ago. After a quick negotiation and a win-win deal for both of us, I took her home to my workshop. As with most build sitting that long I took her completely apart and removed all glue joints and gave her a good wash. Unfortunately the windows are in pretty bad shape and badly scratched, so I have to…

  •  M.A.N. Weatherstation

      Functional requirements:   Visual images every 20 minutes from up and down the runway Environmental data collected every 10 minutes Wind speed Wind direction Rain data Luminosity Humidity Temperature Additional sensor data (optional) electric fence status Gate status Tarmac temperature Website for Members only providing current data (no history is kept) Mast mounting on top of roof       Non Functional requirements   Data to be send via 4G network to server System is self rebooting after power outage Minimal maintenance requirements Weather station and electronic box is robust for Whangarei weather       Out of Scope:…

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