Model Aviation Northland Incorporated


 Club History and Background


A group of likeminded aero modellers many of whom have known one another for several decades decided to start a new club in 2013, the focus of which is to create an environment in which family values and the more  traditional skills associated with the hobby / sport of aero modelling are respected, fostered and encouraged.

Most in this group are builders with a wide range of skills who consider the outcome of the build, piloting ‘a flying model aircraft’ serves to capture their creativity and technical knowledge. Typical skills include design, engineering, woodcraft, electrical with an extensive knowledge of aerodynamics and the electronic equipment associated with radio control.

Some time ago our Club approached Paul and Helen Rockell with a request to fly model aircraft on their property, their generosity and goodwill was subsequently extended to our members for the restricted use of their airfield used by the Whangarei District Gliding Club for our flying activities.

Over this time an airstrip for model flying has been developed settling in its current position after consideration for continuous gliding operations whilst operating models safely.

Our Club conducts its flying in accordance with MFNZ (Model Flying New Zealand) guidelines and CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) regulations pertaining to radio controlled aircraft operation.

Model Flying New Zealand is currently the governing body for “Model flying” throughout New Zealand. and as such liaises with CAA the Royal New Zealand Aero Club (RNZAC) and also Federation Aeronautic Internationale (FAI) on behalf of members involved in FAI competition classes and models requiring special certification to fly.

Our Club Model Aviation Northland inc is affiliated to MFNZ and it is a requirement that all our members are affiliated to MFNZ as well. As such Model Flying New Zealand (MFNZ) arranges insurance that provides indemnity for injury or property damage caused by an accidental occurrence in connection with the activities of the members of MFNZ whilst flying model aircraft. The limit of indemnity is $10,000,000 any one occurrence - and in respect of liability under the Forest and Rural Fires Act cover is $1 000,000.

Currently our membership stands at 28, this is made up of Senior, Family and Junior memberships. The club is incorporated and has elected a small group to organise and manage the interests of the club moving forward. We have active members flying turbine aircraft, turbine helicopter, 3D heli, scale and competition aerobatic aircraft.

At this time the club owns one fixed wing trainer, mobile storage box and various items including marker cones, box marker poles for aerobatic competition etc. In the near future the club plans to add another fixed wing trainer and helicopter, all dedicated to fulfilling the training requirements of new members wishing to experience the thrill and satisfaction of piloting radio controlled aircraft without the need for large financial outlay in the initial stages while they discover the hobby/sport of aero modelling.

As with most clubs we recognize that in order to perpetuate into the future it is crucial to attract junior members and such this is a stated aim of Model Aviation Northland inc.

To our great fortune, we have a generouse sponsor in Clare & Tony Davies-Colley who hosts us on his beautyfull site at the end of port road at Port Nikau. After we lost or home at Puhipuhi they came to our rescue and allowed us to establish a new flying site and made it possible for us to continue with our passion.

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