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About us

A group of likeminded aero modellers. The focus of which is to create an environment in which family values and the more traditional skills associated with the hobby / sport of aero modelling are respected, fostered and encouraged.



Our Projects, here we would like to show you what our club members are up to.




During the years we were able to host a number of successful events.

Come and see our next events.

Rod and Martin have been putting their skill and touch to work as you can see below:




Rod is building a ¼ scale Piper PA12 Supercruiser with a rather unique OS Pegasus 52cc 4 cyl horizontally opposed flat 4 engine. The frame covering will be heat shrunk cover all and paint.



Martin also is a good way through a ¼ scale Decathalon of Built-up Balsa construction with Monocoat heat shrunk skin and OS 160 power plant.




I for one am definitely looking forward to seeing these in the air, and will be a great addition to club days and events.



Thank you to our sponsors, who help to keep the club alive and support us with donations.

Our Main Sponsor


Many thanks for allowing us to be on your land, a true community minded company.

We are all proud supporters of the Northland Emergency Services Trust, our vital community owned Rescue Helicopter Service.

Please also join us in supporting this incredibly valuable organization. 

Just follow the link to the "NEST"  website for further information how you can also give your support.

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